Tuesday, 20 January 2015

West Wind - Empire of the Dead - An Invisible Man - Review and unboxing

The invisible man arrives contained within a standard clamshell pack.
West Wind kindly gave this pack as a gift for review, I posted an unboxing video here:
1 Invisible man
1 round 30mm diameter base

The invisible man is well sculpted, mold lines are intelligently placed and will require little work to clean up. Details, such as the rags over the face, are crisp and should paint up well.

The invisible man depicts a man who, in a direct reference to H G Wells' novel, has somehow become invisible. Rather than just an empty base, which would be very boring, or casting the model from translucent material, which is very expensive, West wind have chosen to sculpt a man desperately working to make himself visible.

Table top usage:
Until the supplement is released the invisible man has no official rules for EotD. I suspect that he will use a form of hidden deployment.

The invisible man is clearly sculpted in 28mm heroic scale:
The invisible man next to a 28mm heroic model

Cost per model:
The Invisible man retails for £4 - for a single metal miniature in 28mm scale this is highly competitive.

Similar to Raphael the invisible man is a great miniature at a solid price. He will work well as a roleplaying character - porting easily to other universes. The forthcoming supplement for EotD will add rules for him to the game. In the meantime he could easily work as a lightly armed gentleman or thrall. Overall 10 out of 10.

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