Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Hobgoblins Hoard Kickstarter Review

A few months ago I backed a small KS to produce four new miniatures by Hobgoblins Hoard. The KS was successful and the package arrived with only a two month delay.

Size Comparisons
These are the miniatures the KS aimed to create,
I pledged for one of everything via the ultimate pledge,
Pledging to the KS gave you a coupon to spend on the Hobgoblin hoard web store, where you could buy the models at a reduced price, along with some extra bits.

I selected one of each model and then an extra succubus to convert.

I seem to be missing the A4 poster.
Art book on top of t-shirt.
The art book is a quality magazine.

Collectors cards showing the concept art, these were a bit boxed around the edges during transport and could use being packed differently in future.

Signed art print, now proudly displayed on my wall.
On to the first of the models: Er'eli, this is a big model.

Reverse of Er'eli.
Stop! Traffic light time!

I'm tempted to add some sort of aerial to the hole in the back.

The survivor is by far the least interesting sculpt. It does however fit with the game I am making so I am pleased with it.

The succubus on the other hand is great, there was a lot of debate during the KS about the sculpt. Mostly this stemmed from the sculpt being posed very differently, and noticeably less curvaceous than the concept art - this second point was a result of the creator not wanting to make an overly sexual model.

The final pose selected by the sculptor is going to require an interesting base as justification.

The models are sculpted in high quality resin, mould lines are manageable and for the most part should be easy to remove with a sharp scalpel. Overall the quality is what I would expect from models in this price range.

Table top usage:
The models are not linked to any particular game at present.

All of the models are in 32mm scale, somewhere between true and heroic scale.

Cost per model:
The survivor retails for £10, the succubus for £12 and the brute and Er'eli for £16 from
For the survivor I consider this to be expensive, a comparable model in metal would retail for £4 to £8 and I don't see anything in that model that justifies the extra expense of resin.
The succubus brute and Er'eli are all fairly priced given the size and detail of the models.

I'm happy I backed this KS; both because I like the models I have received and because I think they are great additions to the modelling world.
The KS delivered close to on time but there seem to have been several issues with the packing such as items missing and the boxing of the collectors cards. Nothing major and the main component of the KS was the models which all arrived correctly.

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