Thursday, 20 November 2014

West Wind - Empire of the Dead - Raphael - Unboxing and Review

 Raphael arrives in a standard single miniature pack
1 28mm Raphael
1 30mm base
Raphael is cleanly cast. The outer mould lines run along his sides and over his head; the choice to use the 'exaggerated strand style' of hair makes cleaning these away simple. The secondary lines within the empty space between arm and body will be tricky due to the small area. I plan to attempt to clear out this area with a length of course wire.

Raphael has a strange shape, he seems to be modeled after a man with a pot belly holding two of a weapon I have never encountered before, likely because they would be awful.
Tabletop useage:
I believe people who backed the Empire of the dead Kickstarter have rules for using Raphael as a character. These rules have yet to be released to the general public so at time of writing he has no defined rules. If you have suggestions please do include them in the comments.
I intend to use him as a thrall in my vampire force, Westwind have yet to release a blister of thralls, presumably out of fear of their game becoming successful.

Raphael neatly fits into the 28mm heroic scale - as used by games workshop.
Cost per Model:
Raphael has a RRP of £4, this can be reduced to £3.60 by buying from firestorm games. For a single metal miniature this is very competitive.

Raphael is neat miniature at a reasonable price. For a roleplaying character or some other use not directly related to Empire of the Dead he is a great buy. Personally I feel he fits in with the aesthetic that the vampire faction uses well making him a viable thrall. Overall 10 out of 10