Tuesday, 20 January 2015

West Wind - Empire of the Dead - Victorian Servants 2 - Review and Unboxing

The servants arrive tightly packed into a standard clamshell pack - this seems highly indicative of their lot in life!
1 butler
1 governess
1 maid
1 house boy
4, 30mm round plastic bases
Each servant is cleanly cast in white metal, flash and mold lines are minimal. The maid has one across her face that you'll want to be very careful when removing.

Each servant is clearly distinguishable, with an element of their role indicated in their sculpt. The butler stands rigidly at attention, the governess holds a candle to shoo wayward children back to bed, the maid clutches a mop whilst the houseboy's insignificance (house boys would serve other servants without ever being seen by any of the house family) is indicated by his relaxed stance.
Table top usage:
The Victorian servants are non combatants in Eotd. They can take part as targets in the civilians scenario described in the core rulebook. They also lend themselves to general use in scenarios as either objectives or bystanders.

The servants fit neatly into the 28mm heroic scale.
To the left a 32mm scale model, to the right a 28mm heroic scale model.
Cost per model:
At £12 for a pack of 4 the servants work out at £3 each - highly competitive for metal models in this scale. The 4 models for £12 are actually the best value packs West Wind sell being slightly better than the 8 models for £25 of the starter packs. The exception to this is the zombies box which is £25 for 10 models.

I like the servants a lot, they have a strong visual theme and lend themselves to a great number of game systems. I feel significant improvement could only come from moving away from metal into resin or hard plastic. Overall 9 out of 10

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