Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Dystopian Legions Empire of the Blazing Sun - Rocket Corps Section - Review and Unboxing

Dystopian Legions Empire of the Blazing Sun - Rocket Corps Section

The Rocket Corps Section swoop into battle in a medium spartan box!

As normal the back has a detailed render of the included models; very handy for matching the dazzling number of small components contained within.
Each member of the section consists of 5 or 6 individual metal components.
Contents as list:
1 Activation Card
1 Game card
4 rocket corps members

The models are cast in white metal, mold lines are well placed - not the face! Each sculpt is of comparable quality to a single character model in other ranges.
I have to wonder if the wings couldn't have been made from resin however. This would have reduced the weight of the model making them less top heavy and thus less liable to fall over. Despite the large number of parts the models are of a static pose and no optional components are included.

Flying samurai was always going to be an easy sell - the models look great!

Tabletop Usage:
Note: a new rulebook is soon to be released so this is liable to become obsolete.
The rocket corps section are the masters of melee! A full section will tear apart just about anything they can charge, likely only receiving a single casuality in return.
However, with only 4 models the section can easily be reduced in effectiveness by a small amount of shooting and in order to charge it must have line of sight to the target, exposing it to return fire.
One simple tactic is to move the section last in one turn then charge with it as your first action the following turn. Whilst obvious, this tactic is not easy to counter and should limit the amount of fire the section is exposed to - a single activation at most. This is a good tactic in smaller games where the section will be a large percentage of your total force and deploying it to maximum effect is essential.

Cost per model:
The rocket corps section retails with an RRP of £24 this makes each model £6, buying the box from reduces the price to £19.20 and the cost per model to £4.80. For a 32mm scale models of this quality I consider this to be reasonable when compared to other manufactures.

Cost per section:
The rocket corps box contains a complete section.

The rocket corps are impressive models at a reasonable price. Conversely, the lack of any options to customise is off putting in a section that is likely to be the highlight of your army. A total score of 8 out of 10!

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