Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Dystopian Legions Kingdom of Britannia Colonel MacDonald

Colonel MacDonald

The Colonel rolls onto the battlefield in a small Spartan box
The back of which has a render of the model, some fluff and a detailed list of the box contents.
Here is a picture of the entire box contents
The two game cards are named: 'That's not cricket' and 'Unconventional ammunition'. 'Unconventional ammunition' relates to the caltrops listed in the unit profile while 'That's not cricket' is an incredibly powerful card that relates to the playing of other cards.
 The model is supplied with a small rectangular base large enough to allow for a somewhat elaborate base if desired.
Here are the parts of the actual model.
The resin part is of outstanding quality, approaching what I would expect from a limited edition casting I look forward to painting it.
Finally here is a picture of the model bluetacked together, the side wine bottles and blunderbuss are so well fitted that they held in place without support out of the box, excellent work :)
Here is one with Oberst for scale, this model is huge

Contents as list:
Detailed model with base
2 game cards
1 activation card

The quality on this model is the best I have seen in a metal model, truly outstanding!

The model looks great, plenty of details to pick out and will look superb once painted. I really like the additional depth of feel that this model adds to the British army, something I was having problems feeling before.

Tabletop useage:
The Colonel is an officer and as such he is best used in support of other sections. He adds a generous number of command points and his command abilities 'Mad minute' and focus fire can greatly enhance the firepower of nearby sections. This combined with his slow speed indicates that he is best placed to secure the main line of the British force while they engage enemies from afar.

This is however much the same role as the mandatory British Lieutenant which combined with the Colonel's high point cost makes him a section for larger games. Although in a small game the large number of command points he brings would allow a player to be very free with their game cards.

Per model price:
At a RRP of £15, or £13.50 from thetrolltrader or firestormgames this is an expensive model, players who value the appearance of their army and enjoy painting may find the cost acceptable given the quality. Those only interested in painting to a gaming standard may find it more objectionable.

Price per section:
The Colonel is a complete section to himself.

The Colonel is a great model I look forward to painting, my only niggle is the price so a firm 9 out of 10

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